Lesson8 (The Moral Teacher)

Lesson8 (The Moral Teacher)

Lesson8 is a platform built for 8 – 15 year olds that is meant to shape them into becoming future leaders.
Connect your children and wards to our moral seminars that are aimed at improving their moral sustenance through sports, science, music, manufacturing, etc.

EDU - GAMES is designed to motivate every school child. It features Ball throwing, Short reading, Spelling and Puzzle, etc.

Indulge your knowledge and get paid for it.

EDU-GAMES gets you to learn and earn cash, to convince you that education pays.

So, HURRY!!! Join in; learn and earn cash and more.

Follow the s steps to register:

1. Pay #2, 000.00 to the bank account below.

2. Send your payment copy containing your name in full via WhatsApp to +2348131103665. Account number: 7033578353. Account name: Aka Lazarus. Bank name: Opay.

3 Fill out the registration form below. 

Note: The name on your payment copy must match the name on your registration form.

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